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Enjoy these free classes and look out for more coming soon!

DAY 4 - ELEMENTS OF SUMMER: 30 DAYS OF MINDFUL MOVEMENT Being grounded can mean feeling solid, strong, and in-tune with your body, mind & soul. Yoga offers an opportunity for us to root down, creating a firm foundation and connection to the Earth.
DAY 14 - ELEMENTS OF SUMMER: 30 DAYS OF MINDFUL MOVEMENT Lift off in this 30-Minute Inversion Yoga Flow is designed to help you feel light and expansive in your body and yoga practice. Melini will guide you through a sequence of prep poses for arm balances and inversions with some fun AIR time later the class.
DAY 22 - ELEMENTS OF SUMMER: 30 DAYS OF MINDFUL MOVEMENT A yoga flow to work on your splits! Grow and strengthen your flexibility in this 30-minute Summer Splits Flow with Melini Jesudason. Hanumanasana is an incredibly deep and beneficial asana! Take this class at your own pace and find what feels good for your body.
Open up your hips and stretch out any tension in this 30-Minute hip-opening yoga practice lead by Melini Jesudason. This practice is designed to add fluidity to your movements, stretch and build strength in your hip flexors and release any built up stress or tension in the body.